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Carrera Cup Asia Insights: Team C&D Auto Introduction

April 25, 2017

Team C&D Auto is one of seven dealer teams competing for the Porsche Dealer Trophy in the 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup Asia season, campaigning for a top spot in the class with the no. 88 Chinese driver, Yuan Bo.

“For our team, it is a significant moment to return to the track again,” a team representative said. “Together with Yuan Bo, we expect even better results this year to share with our customers and fans who give us such strong support.”

Team C&D is serviced by Absolute Racing in the 2017 season – a partnership the team considers to be another strong benefit for their run at the title this year given Absolute Racing’s years of experience and expertise. It seems to be a good match, after Round 2, the team has clinched second place in the Porsche Dealer Trophy competition.

“Thanks to our driver and service partners, our team manager can focus more of his time and energy on the race experience and promotion so that we can help more customers become familiar with and participate in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia,” the team representative added.

Team C&D Auto is energised by the spotlight the one-make racing series has shone on the dealer fleet for the new season. “This allows us to promote the event in a more powerful way and encourage team drivers to really sprint to the podium!” the team said.

Yuan Bo, the talented driver piloting Team C&D Auto’s no. 88 entry, expressed his own enthusiasm to be part of the team. “The Shanghai stop was my first time driving for Team C&D Auto, and it really felt great, I had a much calmer mentality than last year, and I’m very excited to be back on the track with them.” After Round 2, Yuan Bo is in seventh place overall.

Looking ahead, he has even bigger plans. “I will be preparing a lot for the next stop in Fuji, hoping to get a better jump on the starting, and pushing forward in the overall rankings,” he said. “I aim to continue building the team up in the dealer standings and getting more points to ensure we are in the top three as we progress in the season.”

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