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Carrera Cup Asia Insights: Round 1 Interview with Martin Ragginger

April 10, 2017

The morning after Martin Ragginger of Team Porsche Holding clinched victory in Round 1 of the 2017 season, he sat down to share how he was feeling after race one and what he is looking forward to for the rest of the year.

“It felt great to kick off the season and get back out on the track,” he said. “The start of Round 1 was the most important part of the race for me. I was in P4 [in the line up] but had a better start than P2 and P3 and managed to get through them. It was really tight because both of them pulled to the middle where I was, and there was a light touch, but I was lucky they didn’t hit me hard. After that, it was a pretty clean race. Obviously there was a tyre explosion which put a lot of debris on the track so we had to be careful there, but in the end everything turned out okay.”

Ragginger was quick to acknowledge the strong collaboration and support form his team. “EKS Motorsport gave me a really good car this year, everything works well, and my team, Porsche Holding, puts everything together very nicely. So now we just have to work hard to get all those points,” he said. “I also have a new engineer who just came for the first time this race. Everything was new to him, and it was new for us working together, so it was a challenge to get all the information to one another as quickly as possible, but we worked hard at it.”

The hard work seems to be paying off. On Sunday, Ragginger went on to secure second place in the explosion of action that was Round 2. With that win, his team was awarded consecutive Porsche Dealer Trophies – the first time this new Cup was introduced to the series.

Looking ahead to the rest of the season, Ragginger is both enthusiastic and aspirational. After having had to miss a few stops over the last two years competing in the series, Ragginger said he is looking forward to competing at all six stops in 2017. That, and the tradition of the Carrera Cup Asia parties, he ‘joked.’ “It’s an exciting season for us; I think we will have a big chance at the title,” he said.

So far, so good. Ragginger left Shanghai with a double-podium finish, and will head into Round 3 in Fuji in the Overall points lead.

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