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Carrera Cup Asia Insights: A guide to race flags

April 27, 2017

In motorsport, race officials communicate with drivers and teams through a series of colour-coded race flags to signal integral information about the race activity. Here’s a guide to understand all of the possible scenarios on the track.

Red = Session stopped or aborted due to safety reasons

Yellow = Attention Danger! Drivers need to slow down and be extra careful

Green = No danger or risk. Normally shown after a yellow flag.

Blue = Let the car behind overtake. Shown if a faster car is behind a driver.

Black = Disqualified. Shown together with a car number and disqualifies the shown number. The driver has to come into the pits in this lap.

Yellow-Red = Oil or water. The drivers need to pay more attention because fluid on the track could make it slippery.

White = Slow cars. Warning for slow cars on the track.

Chequered = Session end. Will be shown after the session is finished. During the race as soon as the winner crosses the line.

Black-white = Warning for unfairness. Shown together with a car number and is a warning if a driver is racing unfairly. The next step is the black flag.

Black with yellow dot = Defect on a car. Shown together with a car number and tells the driver to stop the car in the next 3 laps because of a defect on the car.

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